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Hidden In The Stars - Starship

Available NOW!


Android on Google Play

 Fun casual game for all ages. Click the button below for information on UPDATE #1 coming December 2018. New powerup buttons and game challenges!

In Development


Android on Google Play

Move pipes to create paths for cherry bombs before they blow up the plumbing! Click the button below to see information on this apps creation and how I handled pipe and bomb physics!

The Future

Hidden In The Stars


Windows PC

Hidden In The Stars will be a multiplayer battle royale game played with starships instead of as a typical FPS shooter. The games main emphasis will be on using strategy and cunning as a ship captain as you manipulate your ships power, cloaking tech, and quantum physics to outsmart and outthink your fellow captains. Available Mid-2019.

Awesome incoming


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434 429 4794

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