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Hidden In The Stars

Multiplayer Starship Combat

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What is "Hidden In The Stars"?

Hidden In The Stars is a multiplayer starship combat game in the vein of old school sci-fi shows. Forget the frantic dogfights of modern games and imagine a game of cunning and ingenuity. Where cloaked ships stalk one another against the silent backdrop of a hostile universe. A universe where the victor is not always the captain and crew with the biggest guns, but instead victory will go to those who think, react, and outsmart their opponents. Bridge crews of one to three players can use multiple reconfigurable ship systems as well as a sector of space filled with hostile environmental obstacles to overcome their enemies.

Prepare to Hide, Ambush and Fight! in the universe of

Hidden In The Stars.

Coming ... when it's done.

Check the Blog here for updates on the game's progress!

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Send an email with "I WANT TO BE A BETA TESTER" in the subject line to

I will send out periodic info on the game's progress and notify you when beta testers will be needed. I am a small one-man studio and will need all the help I can get when the time for testing comes! Your email will be kept confidential. And your help is greatly appreciated.

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